When shopping for handmade, it’s hard to know what aspect of that product is handmade. With our frames, everything is completely handmade. We buy in the raw materials to create your frame, this is what allows us to offer you complete flexibility and allow you to request custom orders.

We have created a video which can give you insight into how we go about making your memorial frame. In the video, we have used American Black Walnut, however the process is the same for any type of wood. I hope this video can help you understand how much love, care and attention we put into each product or help any of you fellow Crafters who are wanting to learn a new skill. Happy watching!

Thank you for watching the video. As you can see this is the first initial process of making a frame. I have shown you this part because I believe it is the most crucial aspect of making a frame: creating perfect mitre joints! There are a few main aspects that play a important role in executing these joints so well.

  • Make sure the angles are exactly 45°, if you are a single degree out the frame won’t join together properly.
  • Opposite sides must be equal in length, if they aren’t equal your frame will be wonky or it just wont join together.
  • All pieces must be the same thickness, use a thicknesser to make sure they are all the same.

Once you’ve created the frame, that’s the difficult part done. You can now sand, add a finish, glazing and a backboard. We use a back box to make shadow box frames, but for a normal frame you would use a board. Our back-boxes are also completely handmade, but I will go into the process of that some other time.

With our memorial frames, I like to keep the wood as natural as possible, so I simply add a clear coat of beeswax to bring out the grain and add that natural shine, whilst providing protection.

I will be revealing some more of our trade secrets in later blog posts, so keep in touch if you want to find out more.

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