The business began when we sadly lost our little Collie, Cass. We have always been animal lovers from when we adopted Milly, and when we realised Cass had a terminal heart condition all we wanted was to give her the best life she could have. Cass had an amazing life and was extra spoiled because of her condition, even our older dogs Milly and Fido let her get away with murder. We knew she wouldn’t live long and every time we took her to the vets for a check up, we were praying she would have longer. On the 16th Feb 2016 Cass was put to sleep, because her heart could no longer cope.  Although we were thankful for the time we had with Cass and we knew she lived longer than she should have, it didn’t stop us from hurting.  The grief was unbearable, I wanted to find a way to say goodbye properly. I searched the internet for ideas on how to say goodbye, but there was nothing that would quite work. I had her collar sat on my dresser because I couldn’t bare to put it away in the drawer and it hit me, that’s when we decided we were going to create something to store her collar and honour Cass’ memory.

Millie (Left), Fido (Centre) , Cass, our dearly missed member of the family (Right)
After going back and forth on design ideas, we settled on a Memorial Shadow box frame, which we designed specifically to hang Cass’ collar without causing any damage to it. Without realising, by creating the frame it helped us to grieve. It made us go through our photo’s to find the perfect picture for the frame and that helped us to remember all the good times. Now we have our finished frame hung pride of place in the living room and I often sit and look at the frame thinking how Cass is now at rest.
Medium Oak Pet memorial frame front
Our First Ever Memorial Frame, made for our beloved Cass!

After realising how much Cass’ Frame helped us, we decided to advertise our services and help other people grieve for their long lost pet. It’s been 2 years since we lost Cass and now the memorial frame is our Best Seller! It gives me immense satisfaction knowing I get to help people every day come to terms with their loss

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